Project Info

The Client

Founded in 2011, iSqueeze started out selling orange juice machines. Their seven year journey since then has seen them go from strength to strength, seeing them bring innovative solutions to the market and stock state of the art juicing machines and equipment. Supplying over 500 locations throughout the UK, iSqueeze have cemented themselves as a leading player in the juicing market.

A commercial citrus juicer from iSqueeze, one of the portfolio Magento websites developed by 67 Commerce

The Project

iSqueeze is a leading provider of juicing machines and fruit throughout the UK. They approached us to build and launch a brand new Magento® 2 website from the ground up.

iSqueeze had an existing website which they felt struggled to encapsulate their brand and values, holding them back in regards to conversion and growth. With this in mind, we made design our priority on this project. We redesigned the entire website and delivered a complete new build with a fresh look and feel. We also designed a new logo which is much more in line with the character of the company.

Every inch of the new Magento® 2 website is in keeping with the contemporary nature of iSqueeze. This includes a 3D view for many of the products on the website – a functionality which allows customers to rotate an image of the product and view it from every angle before making their purchase.

The new iSqueeze website was successfully launched in February 2018, with products and orders completely migrated from the old website. We continue to offer support to iSqueeze and are excited about this fledging partnership.