It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Our team of Magento professionals come from all walks of life, background and regions in India. What brings us together is mainly the common passion for Magento and the core values that each and every one of us share. These values are
engrained deep within the hearts and minds of every 67’er and permeate through the ethos of the organization.

We live and demonstrate our ethos with other team members, with our customers and in the community. This has helped us create a rich and vibrant culture (that we are proud of) where ideas can blossom, people can prosper and success
can thrive.

Core Values

From initial consultation to project delivery and beyond, we provide the most complete service possible whilst maintaining a wider view on the further growth potential of the business in general. We understand that to be distinct and succeed, we need to do have a strong foundation. Our core values have helped us succeed so far by always remaining in sync with the vision we had.


  • We take ownership of our work.
  • We embrace diversity and promote equality.
  • We foster a friendly and fun work environment and treat everyone with respect
  • We are ethical, transparent and reasonable.


  • We enjoy our work
  • We take pride in our work and our agency
  • We value, promote and strongly cushion the character of our agency
  • We promote a healthy, positive and fun work environment


  • We promote teamwork and collaboration
  • We have a very consultative approach towards requirement gathering & project planning.
  • We do a lot of innovation to improve on the current processes.
  • We anticipate change and shape up things for future.


  • We do not call it complete unless it is 100% done.
  • We have a ‘can-do’ attitude towards anything Magento.
  • We are totally dedicated when it comes to adhering to deadlines
  • We strive hard for desirable results & celebrate success once we do.
Core values image

How we do what we do?

We never wanted to be ‘just another Magento agency’

We understand the pains the client has to go through if the job is not 100% complete. Most of our clients that come to us are either dissatisfied from their current Magento agency or are unhappy about the remaining 5% of the work that never ends. If you have been in that place, you know where we are coming from.

Our approach towards doing business is very simple. We are sold on the idea that to completely understand a domain, you’ve gotta live it, eat it and breath it. A genuine passion is what makes the difference in the services and the final delivery of projects.

This might seem common sense but when it comes to eCommerce and Magento, we believe that we have always and will always be spot on with the service. We call a task complete only when it is 100% done and we are satisfied with the output.

We are often asked, what is it that you bring to the table that other eCommerce development agencies don’t. We asked our clients the same question and their replies were multifarious. However, upon analysis, it all distilled down to a single word TRUST.

“Our passion for innovative and technically advanced eCommerce excellence and exceptional service forms the base of our thoughts and actions.”

Our Promise

Drive business growth through leading insights and execution.

With deep embedded ethics and morals, we do what is right

and not what is easy.

Interested in working with us?

Let’s team up for your eCommerce success!

Our Promises