Magento Website Audit

For online merchants, upon considerable efforts, the eCommerce business reaches a point when you have established your feet firmly in the market and the traffic now is overwhelming. Many a times, during this phase, your online store shows
issues such as frequent peak season breakdowns, soaring maintenance costs, strained implementation of new features, etc. What happens next?

Usually, you turn to your hosting provider and ask for an upgraded plan or search for website optimisation steps online. However, the issues persists. Primary reason being the problem is mostly addresses from the server perspective or Php
perspective only, ignoring the Magento side or the php + Magento combination or Magento + server combination.

From our experience, often the issue is because of a conflict between two extensions that affects the website performance adversely or other more intense issues where code refactoring, server boosters, etc. are unavoidable.

If your site is suffering from any of the above issues, our reliable eCommerce development company based in Mohali, India can help. Our team of Magento wizards at 67 Commerce will do a thorough health check up to point towards
the weak spots and do everything possible to get the desired performance.

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Do You Need a Magento Website Audit?

We understand that, time is money for your eCommerce business. For better performance and enhanced security, Magento website audit is needed to identifying weak points.

We might advise a Magento website audit if:

  • The page load speed of your Magento store is slow.
  • You have recently launched an upgraded store and you see a dip in sales.
  • The website theme is not appropriately implemented.
  • You face performance issues, site crashing for no particular reason.
  • You have doubts in mind that the extension you are installing will pose a threat to the website’s stability.
  • You aren’t sure whether the data on the site including the customers’ payment information is secure or not.
  • The upgrades are not functioning appropriately.
  • Your online store crashes during peak sales time.
  • You are feeling that the maintenance cost is making a hole in your pocket.
  • The backend or admin of the website is slow and the employees are not working in their full capacity.
  • You keep getting Magento error messages.

If one or several of the above statements apply to your store, a Magento website audit will determine the cause of the issues and allow you to fix them.

Benefits of Magento Audit

In a complete Magento audit, our technical wizards will do a detailed analysis of your online store with a prioritized list of action items. The process involves a deep dive into the quality of the code as per Magento coding standards, review
of the technical issues and bottlenecks that influences the page load speed, responsiveness tests, extensions compatibility and a lot of other steps. Based on the findings, the audit report clearly documents the recommendations and flow of how
to implement fixes and get a full performing Magento store.

Here is what you get when we perform Magento audit and optimisation on your webstore:

  • An overall health report or the website condition of the online store
  • All major and minor issues identified and mentioned.
  • A game-plan to fix the issues identified during audit.
  • Guidance on following Magento best practices.
  • Security loopholes and vulnerabilities identified.
  • A complete roadmap to appropriate Magento store optimisation.

Our Magento Audit Services

  • Magento Code Audit: Not all Magento websites are the same, even though the platform is common. Our certified developers will do a thorough code analysis by reviewing every line of the code to identify compliance
    with coding standards and appropriate Magento architecture. This gives you a clear picture of what can be improved or updated and what might pose a problem in the future. Our Magento code audit services involves:

    • Front-end code assessment
    • Back-end code evaluation
    • Core Magento files study
    • Module inspection
  • Magento Performance Audit: Performance of a Magento site influences the overall success of your eCommerce business. Our Magento performance audit services aims to evaluate the load speed of various pages, 404 errors,
    etc. Performance audit also evaluates the user experience factors like the navigation, design, overall look and feel of the site, etc. The suggestions following a performance audit might include upgrading the version of Magento,
    redesigning of pages, etc. Our Magento performance audit involves:

    • Assessment of the technical issues that influence the page speed
    • Analysis of user navigation, Call to Action (CTA) placement, etc.
    • Review of page templates
    • Website performance analysis for different devices.
  • Magento Security Audit: Magento security audit aims to identify and report the potential security related issues for the Magento site. It mainly pinpoints towards:
    • The security patches that needs to be installed
    • Unnecessary permissions to files and folders
    • Weak passwords
    • Issues with payment methods, etc.
  • Magento Server Audit: A Magento store might suffer from poor performance due to issues with the server configurations. Our Magento server audit assesses your server settings and configurations in detail, identifying any
    issues that is hindering the website performance and suggestions to solve the same.

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What next after Magento Website Audit?

All the recommendations that we make during the audit process includes clear instructions that can be applied for getting a full performing eCommerce store. You could either order us to work on it or hire any other Magento specialist. Clear
recommendations from our reliable Magento 2 agency can be easily understood by someone with appropriate experience in the eCommerce field.