Magento ERP Integration

Undoubtedly, Magento is one of the most feature rich and flexible eCommerce platforms available today. Amongst other impressive features, the platform offers an Application Programming Interface (API) that is flexible and integrates with a wide variety of ERP packages—including custom solutions. Magento ERP Integration automates data sharing between your eCommerce store and back office (accounting, production, sales, marketing, etc.). This reduces the chances of human errors and paves way for an accelerated growth of your eCommerce store.

The key to initiating this type of integration is to identify which type of integration makes more sense for your online business and finding the right Magento eCommerce development company to support you along the way. Our experienced team of all certified developers at 67 Commerce in India has experience in integrating Magento with a multitude of accounting and ERP softwares including, but not limited to SAP, Xero, NetSuite, Bluecherry EDI, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, SAGE, JD Edwards, Eclipse, Infor, IBM AS400 (aka IBM i or iSeries), Personify, Quickbooks and Full Circle.

If you are using Magento 1 or 2 and are looking to simplify processes with the help of ERP, give us a shout!

Magento + Accounting & ERP Integrations We Have Done

Some of the popular accounting and ERP software integrations we have done with Magento include:

  • SAP + Magento Integration
  • NetSuite + Magento Integration
  • Bluecherry EDI + Magento Integration
  • Microsoft Dynamics + Magento Integration
  • Epicor + Magento Integration
  • JD Edwards + Magento Integration
  • Eclipse + Magento Integration
  • Infor + Magento Integration
  • IBM AS400 + Magento Integration
  • Personify + Magento Integration
  • Full Circle + Magento Integration
  • Quickbooks + Magento Integration
  • Xero + Magento Integration
  • SAGE + Magento Integration

Our reliable magento 2 agency is proficient in offering a seamless Magento 1/2 ERP Integration Service as per the specific needs of your business.

Benefits of Magento + ERP Integration

With our Magento ERP system integration service, you can leverage the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Efficiency with streamlined multiple business processes.
  • Better Business Decisions with real time availability of information.
  • Reduced Operational Costs with order consolidation and planned purchases.
  • Better User Experience with on-time delivery
  • Time Saving with single point of operation
  • Smooth Operations with seamless information and data flow.
  • Elimination of Human Error with automated exchange of data between processes.
  • Improved Growth Prospects with synchronized coordination between processes.
  • Improved Responsiveness to unforeseen business changes.

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Choosing the right ERP

There are a number of ERP options available that are distinct in terms of the offerings. Picking the best ERP for your Magento eCommerce store will depend upon your unique business needs and features that you need. Here are a few factor to consider before making a decision:

  • Size of the Business: Are you a small and mid-sized business (SMB) or an enterprise?
  • Channel Development: Are you an online Magento seller or You sell on marketplaces? or Do you have a brick and mortar retail locations? Or Do you do manufacturing?
  • Major reason for ERP: What is your biggest need for ERP integration service? Is it sales reporting, inventory management, order fulfilment, shipping or anything else?
  • Fulfilment Operations: Do you use multiple suppliers? How will these be handled in the ERP systems?
  • Integration Solution: How will the ERP system integrate with our Magento store?
  • Accounting system: What is your current accounting system an the reason for switching?
  • Expected Order Volumes: What kind of resources you wish to accommodate?

Need help in finding the right ERP solution for your eCommerce webstore? Talk to a specialist!