Magento 1 to 2 Migration/Upgrade

Magento has announced that Support for Magento 1 is Ending in June 2020 and yes, this is a big deal. An unsupported platform is highly risky to be used, especially when the platform is a fundamental part of your business. If you are still on Magento 1, now is the time to go for it. The quicker the better.

We understand that in the earlier years, when Magento 2 was released, it had a myriad of bugs and very few extensions available (which happens for any new release). Thus, everything was a custom job and the acceptance was sluggish. It took a couple of years to solve the issues and bring about a stable release. The latest version now is an excellent platform with almost all the bugs removed.

67 Commerce has been associated with this platform since its inception and we have seen and experienced it all! We strongly believe that now, with a huge ecosystem in support, outstanding features and a large selection of extensions and themes, M2
surpasses all that is expected from an eCommerce platform. As a Magento 2 eCommerce development company, we believe that Magento 2 is an unmatched platform when it comes to eCommerce and it offers the best of both worlds to the developers and
merchants. With improved speed, better admin interface, improved architecture, M2 is purely AWESOME!

However, to make Magento 2 what it is, Magento 1 was completely revamped and the migration from Magento 1 to 2 is not a simple task that can happen with a canned approach. If you wish to reap benefits of Magento 2, you would need
professional services from an expert.

Thinking to migrate Magento 1 to 2? We have done it seamlessly for our clients and seen them grow. We would love to do it for you,

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Why Magento 2 Is Better?

Magento 2 offers a huge leap forward in scalability, performance and functionality. It is anyday better than Magento 1.x. Here are a few benefits you get, when you upgrade your site from Magento 1 to 2:

  • Improved Scalability
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Better Functionality
  • Refined Admin Panel
  • Superior Security
  • Engaging Customer Experience
  • Augmented Speed

& a lot more…

Explore comprehensive list of Magento 2 features here →

How Can We Help You?

We wholeheartedly believe Magento 2 is a powerhouse. Working exclusively on Magento, our team of specialists working from our office based in India, have all the know-how and experience to make your migration a fluid experience.
Here is what you can expect:

  • Pre-Migration Consultancy
  • Secure Migration
  • 100% Data Security
  • Preserved SEO Rankings
  • Minimal Down Time
  • Deadline Oriented Migration Service
  • Post-Migration Support

Magento Migration Process

Our Magento 1 to 2 Migration services involves thoughtful planning and careful execution so that everything is done smoothly. With our Magento migration solution, we aim to deliver best in class stores in a structured
and flexible way. Here is how we approach M1 to M2 migration:


In the planning stage, we talk to the merchant to identify what are their requirements and expectations from the migration. We put in considerable time to analyse the data, existing customizations in customers, payments, catalogs, etc.
This stage sets the stage to start with the execution of the work keeping everyone on the same page.

Our Magento 2 agency takes everything into account to make sure that the migration of your eCommerce store from Magento 1 to 2 is done with minimum risk of data loss and almost zero downtime.

Data Migration

Data Migration is one of the most crucial tasks during the process of M1 to M2 migration. This basically includes migrating the lists of products, customers, sales, basic SEO, content, store configurations,etc. For data migration, there
a flexible Magento data migration tool that assists in migrating key data sets from Magento 1 to 2. The tool performs an ETL process i.e. – Extract, Transform and Load by connecting to the database that hold M1 data.

Our certified Magento 2 developers will safely move your data following the migration principles outlined by Magento and utilizing our experience to the new Magento 2 installation. Moreover, in our Magento data migration services , we
replicate the store and work on the replica to avoid any glitches.

Code Migration

Magento 1 extensions are not available in Magento 2 in most cases. Thus, to improve the functionality of your store, we can have a browse through the Magento marketplace and identify the ones that suit the most.

However, custom code used in Magento 1 eCommerce sites is compatible with Magento 2 in most cases. The custom code needs either rewriting or migration. Our certified developers make use of Magento code migration tool that significantly
reduces the repetitive steps the developers has to take to port multiple modules on Magento 2. The code migration tool converts most of the PHP code to make it compatible with Magento 2 framework. The team also takes care of any
work needed (because of the platform difference) to make sure the custom code is successfully installed on the Magento 2 store.

At this stage of the process of Magento 1 to 2 migration, we make sure that you will have exactly the same functionality on your Magento 2 store as you had previously on Magento 1 using custom built extensions.

Design Migration

Magento 1 themes cannot be migrated to Magento 2. However, our certified Magento front-end developers will work out a solution for you either by identifying a matching theme or recreating the old one or building an entirely new one from
scratch for Magento 2, as per your specific requirements.

Migration can be looked as an opportunity to redesign your website and deal with any imperfections in the design that you have always noticed but never took the plunge to address them on a serious note. Also, if you need an entirely
revamped look and feel for your eCommerce store, our expert team will be happy to assist you.

Migrating Basic SEO Settings

We understand that it is vital for you to retain your Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) rankings. Thus during this part of the migration process, we migrate the basic SEO settings. We make sure that the custom URL formats, metadata,
links, redirects, tags, etc. is safe while the migration happens.

Review and Launch

Once the upgrade from Magento 1 to 2 with respect to data, code, design and SEO is done, it is time for us to review and do a thorough round of testing to identify if everything is working as expected or not.Also, while our team
is working on the migration, your current store will function as it is till the time we are sure that everything will run perfectly upon making the Magento 2 site live.

Consistent Support

Our team of experienced Magento 2 developers provide consistent support post the release of your Magento 2 store. We will make sure that things run smoothly for you and you are able to reap benefits from the migration in terms if
growth. Our priority is to release the new Magento 2 store within the stipulated time.

Have further questions to upgrade Magento 1 to 2? We’d love to hear from you.
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