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Magento powers almost one-third of the eCommerce businesses across the web, being a powerful, scalable and agile platform. The platform is not only feature-rich and scalable, but it is also supported by an army of passionate community members.
Simply put, it is the best option when it comes to growing without limits in the eCommerce world.Wish to explore the various features that make it the best eCommerce platform for selling online? Read here

At 67 Commerce, we work exclusively on Magento. We’d rather be best in one platform than be half-good at every digital platform. Our certified developers working from our office in India, live, dream, breath and eat
Magento, day in and day out. Our clients are with us when we say, we provide them with unfaltering reliability and dedication.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and proactive eCommerce development company in India, drop us a line and we will be happy to discuss and plan your online store’s journey towards success.

Magento Development Process

67 Commerce has been associated with Magento since the time of its inception. We offer reliable Magento 2 website development service. Our team of certified solution specialists and developers follow a very mature development process that has evolved over time by incorporating the experience, expertise and competence. This is what a typical project flow at 67 Commerce looks like:

Magento Development process step-1 image

Phase 1: Project Discovery & Planning Phase

Every business has a unique story! As a first step after the deal is finalized, we do all it takes to understand thoroughly the business model, target customers, channels, etc. And, when we say thoroughly, we mean it! We believe that the more we know about your goals and constraints, the more successful we will be in delivering the project. Moreover, our team of certified developers and solution specialists follow a very consultative and strategic approach to requirement gathering and project planning.

Our agency takes ownership of what we do and we always bear one core idea in mind- what would we do if this would be our own eCommerce store? Most of our clients say that they stick to us because we take our time and get totally involved with them as partners for the eCommerce success.

We strongly believe that a strong foundation is what we need for a strong project delivery. At this stage of the project, we ensure that we have gained substantial knowledge of the client’s business. This helps us have a good initial understanding of the project and follow a consultative approach towards setting up the initial plan for the eCommerce success. A common view of final delivery is established as an outcome of this phase.

Understanding the business → Consultative approach to establish goals and Objectives → Establish Milestones and Timeline
Magento Development process step-2 image

Phase 2: Custom Magento Design & Development Phase

The plans are put in action during this phase, where the expert developers at 67 Commerce develop an eCommerce technical architecture with focus on how Magento components can be best utilized to meet the business objectives. This includes:

User Experience Design: We initially create wireframes and mockups that consider the why, what and how of the product use to create the best possible overall look and feel of the store, the technical design specifications, style and
layout, navigation, search functionality, cart and checkout, etc. Have a look at our Magento 2 Design & UX service to know more about how we achieve the best UX.

Admin Experience Design: Our experienced team at 67 sets up rules and specifications for product management, data integration, inventory management, order fulfilment, shipping, returns, refunds, customer interactions, report generation,
etc. for a robust admin experience.

Magento Set-up and Implementation: The front end structure of the eCommerce store; product categories & attributes; payment & shipping methods; tax rules; etc. is configured by the team to establish a strong foundation for custom web development

Custom Extensions/Modules development: To enhance the core functionalities offered by Magento, our team of certified developers can create custom modules that fulfills the unique requirements of your eCommerce store. Interested to learn more about custom extensions development service offered by us? Click here.

Magento UX Design → Magento Admin Experience Design → Magento Custom Extension Development
Magento Development process step-3 image

Phase 3: Magento Integration Phase

We understand the need of the new setup to function well with the already existing setup for seamless flow of work which might otherwise be time consuming or complicated. Thus, in this phase we integrate the backend system of your store
with your current softwares including Customer Relationship Management or CRM (like Salesforce, Zoho, etc.), Point of Sale or POS (like Microbiz, etc.), Accounting & Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP (like SAP,
Sagepay, Xero, Quickbooks, etc.), Payment Gateways (like Stripe, 2checkout, etc.), Inventory Management Systems or IMS (like BrightPearl, etc.), Email Marketing (like MailChimp), Ecommerce Marketing Automation (like Bronto, Ometria), etc.

Our experienced Magento specialists at 67 Commerce will integrate the Magento store with any third-party software that you require, and are more than happy to understand your needs and guide you in the right direction if you’re not sure
what the best third-party solutions are for your website.

Accounting & ERP Integration with Magento → POS Integration with Magento → CRM Integration with Magento → Payment Gateways Integration with Magento→ Marketing Automation Integration with Magento
Magento Development process step-4 image

Phase 4: Magento Testing Phase

Meticulous testing is imperative for the success of any eCommerce store. At 67, we have a very rational process for testing the Magento eCommerce store. Unit testing and integration testing is an essential responsibility of every developer
in our team. The project managers form a second layer of testing. As they say, “measure twice, cut once”, we will click every link, push every button, do whatever is possible until we are certain that when we go live, it will be smooth.

Magento Testing → Magento Unit Testing → Magento Functional Testing
Magento Development process step-5 image

Phase 5: Launch Phase

The launch of the new site lays foundation for the upcoming success for the online store. Our expert developers work diligently towards providing a smooth deployment of the eCommerce website. The process of launching has a lot of
small but vital steps including code compression, finer points of shipping and tax and other minutiae. We will handle all of this and any other last minute hiccup that may arise in the launch phase to make sure the site is launched as needed.

The Magento store is worthy enough only when the merchant is aware about all the nitty-gritties of running the store proficiently. Keeping this in view, we hold an in-depth training session for the merchant during this phase to ensure that
there is no loss of efficiency when the website goes live.

Magento Website Deployment → In Depth Merchant Training
Magento Development process step-6 image

Phase 6: Post launch Magento Support & Maintenance

We understand that any glitches in the website or downtime can hamper growth of your online business. Thus, we offer complete support and assistance not just during the development and launch phase but also post launch. We always believe in a long term association and with our support and maintenance service, you can rest assured that you have a trusted partner right with you in case of any need. We ensure that everything on the store is stable, secure,error-free and fast, to provide a seamless experience to the customers.

Check our Magento support and maintenance service offerings.

Magento Support & Maintenance

At every stage of the project, clear communication is what we focus on. Our certified solution specialists and project managers make sure that they keep the client in loop for everything and take their inputs from time to time for delivering the best output.

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Certified Development

Our small team based in India comprises of Magento certified backend and
frontend developers as well as solution specialists.

Magento Consultants

Our Magento consultants act as key to the doors of endless Magento possibilities that can help enhance your online business growth.

Project Managers

PMs at 67 Commerce have hands-on experience with Magento projects and always ensure that every project is supported by thorough communication throughout the project cycle. Moreover, they take complete ownership of running the project

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Magento Certified Developer Plus

Our group of Magento certified developer plus make sure that highest quality code is created by following the best coding practices to deliver an efficient, bug-free and successful Magento store.

Magento Certified Developers

Along with our Magento certified developer plus, our team also has Magento certified developers that are highly skilled and experienced in Php to support the custom development requirements for the success of every project.

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